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Community Guidelines

Last Modified: June 06, 2023

Welcome to Kale! Our goal is to create a safe and inclusive space for creators and brands to collaborate and grow together. To ensure that everyone in our community has a safe and inclusive experience, we have established the following guidelines:

  • Respectful behavior is expected at all times. Any form of harassment, hate speech, discrimination, or bullying on your social media account will not be tolerated on your page, toward other creators, the Kale Team, or brands within the Kale community.
  • Keep it clean. Explicit, graphic, or offensive content is not allowed for Kale Challenges. We reserve the right to not reward any content that violates our community guidelines.
  • Follow the rules of the platform. All content posted on Kale must follow the community guidelines of TikTok and Instagram. This includes but is not limited to: not buying followers, not engaging in fraudulent activity, and not violating copyright or intellectual property rights, not submitting content that violates the privacy or personal information of others.
  • Be authentic. All content posted on Kale must be original and not infringe on the rights of others. This means that creators must not steal, plagiarize, or otherwise use content that they do not have the rights to.
  • Do not engage in fraudulent activity. This includes but is not limited to buying followers, likes, or views, or engaging in any other activity that artificially inflates metrics or engagement; submitting low-quality content or content that is not relevant to the challenge in order to receive payment; posting previously published videos for new challenges; creating multiple accounts to submit content that violates Kale's guidelines; selling your Kale account or access to your content to others.
  • Keep content alive for 90 days minimum. Brands and viewers may want to come back and view your content. Do not delete content after you receive your Kale reward.
  • Be honest and transparent. Any outside-sponsored content posted for a Kale Challenge must be clearly disclosed as such. Creators must also disclose in their content any material connection they have with a brand outside of Kale, such as receiving free products or additional compensation.
  • Don't cross-promote brands in one post. When posting for a Kale Challenge, only post about the brand you claimed a challenge for—don't combine multiple brands in one challenge.
  • Report any violations of the community guidelines. If you see any content or behavior that violates our community guidelines, please report it to us immediately at support@kalecard.com. We take all reports seriously and will take appropriate action as needed.
  • Stay authentic to your account and audience. Kale content is intended to supplement your daily posting. Keep your audience engaged with moments from your life and refrain from making Kale content the majority of your grid.
  • Keep it original.Reusing your own content on multiple videos is not allowed for Kale Challenges. You should have a unique video for each challenge you participate in.

We reserve the right to modify these community guidelines at any time. By participating in the Kale community, you agree to abide by these guidelines and any modifications thereof. If you violate these guidelines, we may take action against your account, up to and including permanent suspension or termination of your account without prior notice.